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After reading Enid’s blog post I remembered how pissed off I was with her yesterday when she scolded us and called us hypocrites and told us that “we’re too good for practice”.

“Don’t need to thank me! I don’t want to be thanked by hypocrites, okay!” Well, you shut the hell up. We are not hypocrites. You are the hypocrite.

During CCA fair, you act all nice and friendly to the Sec Ones, in the hope that they’ll join Band. You smile, you don’t scold us. When they fall into your trap, it’s too late because they find how NOT NICE you are. During performances, you smile and bow to the audience before turning back to us. Oh, wow, what a great conductor this it, they must think. THEY THINK WRONG. THEY THINK WRONG, BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW. They don’t know how you embarrass us individually; how you keep on picking on people; how you make others laugh at the expense of somebody’s pride; how you scold us; how you keep comparing us; how you say we are so unmotivated/so lazy/not progressing as much as YOUR OTHER DARLING SCHOOLS/not progressing at all; how you think your scoldings and lectures actually spur us to want to work harder but, you’re wrong, you’re actually taking away our confidence and self-esteem.

If the other conductor is right by saying that you love us alot, you certainly don’t show it by making us feel like shit, okay, we know the difference between scoldings that motivate and scoldings that totally crush us. That shows you’re the bloody hypocrite. You work with us for the reputation. Yes, fine, you care for the image of the band, but do you actually care for the people in the band? I don’t think so. You don’t give a damn for our welfare. You don’t care. One of the teachers has said that if we don’t get Gold for the SYF next year, you’ll stop working with us because it’s bad for your reputation. Yes, yes, it’s always YOUR REPUTATION.

Isn’t Band, after all, a CCA? A CCA that we all unwittingly put as one of our choices without knowing what would happen? Shouldn’t a CCA be at least enjoyable? It shouldn’t be more stressful than school, right. Of course, you wouldn’t know about that. If you do, you certainly don’t care. Yes, bring the band to greater heights and all, but what’s the point if we aren’t happy?

You had a say in who should have posts in the band, right? So it’s your fault if they aren’t working up to your expectations. No, they are doing great jobs, it’s just that perhaps they did ONE thing wrong and you start to continually pick on them. You scold them, saying what kind of leader are you if you don’t do this, don’t do that, do this wrongly.

And you’re a biased person. Biased like hell alright. Don’t like me, fine, just don’t compare me. You like some people, you don’t scold them. You don’t like the other people, you scold them.

My sister is in Band in another school, and she’s happy there. Her conductors don’t do any of the things you do. I have shared all the things you do with her. My sis goes, “Why is she like that? My conductors never do this kind of thing. They only encourage us. They say ‘Good, you all are improving from last week. Very good.'” See? Any sort of critism or snide remark or sarcasm? No. Why can’t you be more like those conductors? If we’re unmotivated, its because of you. Perhaps if you were more patient and understanding we’ll gladly oblige to improve. But, no, you aren’t like that and you’ll never be.


Written by obliterated

November 10, 2006 at 2:09 am

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  1. Whoa Tess, you must be feeling real mad. OH just ignore her.
    I guess the world has to have this kind of people to make people unhappy. That’s the way life works. Oh well. Life isn’t fair at all. It wasn’t meant to be anyway.


    November 10, 2006 at 12:55 pm

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