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Band camp was fun. Oh yay (; I think this is my favourite band camp among all the band camps. We managed to bond with the Sec 1s. And the games were plenty of fun, and the squad tee is very very nice (smells like cucumber). Night games was alright, I don’t know why I scared the shit out of myself. Me being the chicken (oh no, now the stupid chicken name has plenty of meanings) didn’t dare to watch the horror movie. After only 20 minutes I went out with Joy and Valery. And we slept at 3! Valery disturbed Joy and I so we couldn’t go to sleep. Thus we slept at 3. The next morning at 7, we woke up, had breakfast, talent time (STUPID FAT BIG BIRD), pumping session. On the way home I slept on the bus. At night I was a zombie.

Today I dragged myself to school for Band again. Only Enid and I turned up. We were very very scared that Prawn would scold us, but she didn’t because Combine was less than an hour and she did only scales, then told us to go and have sectionals because she was sick and had to see a doctor. Rejoice! Relief! So we went back to the Band room and played (our instrus) and talked (and laughed). Slacky band prac today!

Another quiz my sister’s making me do.

. What time is it now?
8.58pm. And I haven’t had my dinner and I’m starving.

2. What is your full name?
TLLJ. Oh yay (;

3. Single or taken?
Single. Whatever man.

4. What does your name mean?
I don’t know!

5. Who picked out your name?
My parents I guess.

6. What’s your nick name, if you have one?
I don’t have ONE, I have many. Hmm. Tausa pau, Tausa, Tau, Tess, Tessly etc. etc. Cannot remember la (;

7. Do you have an innie or outie?

8. What color are your eyes?
Brown. Obvious enough for I-can’t-remember-how-many people to tell me.

9. What size are your shoes?
5? Or 6 I think.

10. How tall (or short) are you?
160cm last measured at the start of the year. Let’s hope I grew yeah (:

11. Honestly, what do you like about yourself?
What would you want me to say. Somebody tell me what you like about me! (:

12. What do you always get complimented on?
Uh, my cursive? That’s the first thing I thought of. And what else? Don’t know la.

13. What is your worst quality?
I have a lot of bad qualities. A LOT.

14. What’s the last four digit of your phone number?

15. Do you think you are cute?
I don’t want to be cute. Gross.

16. Hair colour?

17. Do you wear contacts?
No. I wear specs.

18. Living arrangements?


19. Favourite drink?
Water. Coke. I don’t know.

20. Favourite alcoholic drink?
Alcohol? Ask next time.

21. Favourite month?
No preference.

22. Favourite food?
Food! Food, glorious food. Too many to name, oh boy. FOOD! 

23. Favourite board game?
No idea!

24. Favourite web site?
My blog? No I don’t know.

25. Favourite clothing brand?
I don’t know! Clothes are clothes, at any rate.

26. Favourite day of the year?
Dadada. I don’t know.

27. Favourite colour?
Black, yellow, green?

28. Favourite animal?
I like animals (:


29. Do you have more girl or more boy friends?
Girl. Yep.

30. Who’s your best friend?
I don’t know if I have any la.

31. Are my parents together?

32. How often do you get together with your family?
Weekday nights (mostly 8 plus 9 plus), weekends

33. Do you tell your friends or your parents more?
Depends on the things I tell. Friends, I guess.

34. Anything special about your parents?
They’re MY parents. That’s why they’re special (:


35. Are you a flirt?
No. Gross.

36. Are you slutty?
Siao. I look slutty to you?

37. Are you mean?
If I want to be.

38. You like someone?

39.Can you keep secrets?
Yes, I can.

40. You dance in front of the mirror?
Haha. You think?

41. Have you watched a porno?
I don’t think so, nope.

42. You sing in the shower?
If I feel like it, yes!

43. You like Britney Spears?

44. You like a cousin?
As in family, yes.

45. Have you been in the opposite sex’s bathroom?

46. Have you seriously hurt someone close to you emotionally?
Yes. I have. I regret it.

47. You drink alcohol?

48. You swear?
Yes. Bad habit. BAD.

49. You get your way?
Yes and no. Depends on what I’m fighting for.

50. You willing to try new things?
Yes. But not things like drugs or smoking.

51. You’ve cheated on a test?
I’ve cheated during an exam. Yes.

52. You’ve smoked?
See Q50? No. Never want to and I never will.

53. What are you wearing?
Shirt and shorts.

54. What colour are your pants?
Mostly blue. Red. White.

55. What are you listening to?

56. How are you feeling?

57. What are you doing?
This quiz.

58. What are you eating?

59. How many people online?

60. How’s the weather?
Cool. Windy. Nice (:

61. What’s on your mouse pad?
No mouse pad, because there’s no mouse. I’m using a laptop.

62. What are you reading?
What I’m writing.


63. What perfume do you use?

64. What’s in your wallet or purse?
Notes, coins, my badges, movie stubs. One neoprint.

65. Thongs or regular panties?
I haven’t worn a thong before. I wouldn’t know.

66. Tall or short boys?
Taller than me. But character is most important.

67. Blonde or brunette guys?

68. Good or bad boy?
Depends. Ah ha (;

69. Boxers showing?

70. Long hair or short hair on boys?
I’ve got no preference here, no yet anyway.

71. What do you find annoying in a guy?
Big inflated ego? I don’t know.

72. What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?
I don’t know. Face?


63. What kind of cologue do you use?
64. What’s in your pockets?
65. Boxers or briefs?
66. Blonde or brunette girls?
67. Tall or short girls?
68. Piercing on girls?
69. Long or short hair on girls?
70. Good or bad girl?
71. What do you find annonying in girls?
72. What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?


73. What’s the last movie you saw in the cinema?
Casino Royale! Oh yeah!

74. What did you have for dinner?
Food. Mi fen.

75. What are you hoping for?
Lots of things. Ridiculous to point them out.

76. Have you ever fallen asleep in school?
Nope. But on the bus, yes.

77. What movie do you really want to watch?
Nothing in mind at the moment!

78. Tell us about those scars.
Physical: Not sure if there are any. Emotional: Not saying it here.

79. What is your locker combo?
No locker.

80. Where is your favourite place to travel?
No favourite. I like travelling to different places. The only thing I don’t like about travelling is the travelling. I get claustrophobic/motion sick.

81. You last dreamt about?
That it was very late and I hadn’t packed my stuff for Band camp and there was this bus that I had to catch and it was leaving soon, so I was nervous that I would miss it.

82. What was the last thing you ate?
Dinner. Mi fen.

83. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?
I’ll want to be a green crayon (:

84. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Can’t remember.

85. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Stacey, the sister. Of course I like her I don’t have a choice.

86. Ever had a crush on a teacher?

87. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
There’s no one for me to ask out. Anyway, yes.

88. Scary movie or happy ending?
Scary=horror, or just scary? I don’t mind a scary movie with a happy ending.

89. Summer or winter?
I don’t know.

90. Relationships or one night stand?

91. Chocolate or vanilla?
Both together as ice cream, oh yay!

92. Do you want your friends to write back?
Write what back?

93. Who’s the most likely to respond?
I don’t know.

94. Who’s the least likely to respond?
I don’t know either.

95. What did you do last night?
Eat, sleep. The usual.

Phew. Done. Gotta go, now.


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November 23, 2006 at 2:30 pm

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  1. hello tessa! i’ll miss all of you and the band ): anyway, enjoy your trip!


    November 24, 2006 at 5:36 am

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