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“It’s not like I could give a frigging…fuck, oh I promised not to swear during this concert, but then again, I have a policy of being true to myself, so…”

“You guys are so sweet. Thank you very much.”

“You know, I recently did this talk show, and the host, he just totally insulted me. Because he said, in Singapore, when people say you smell good, you smell like this. And he held up this fruit. You know, some green, spikey fruit. You know what I’m talking about? And that fruit was what most of what people have told me smell disgusting.”

“Don’t smoke. Smoking’s not good for you.”

“What does ‘EP’ stand for?….EP stands for Extended Playing, yeah? Why is it called ‘Extended Playing’ when the CD is so short? Alright, why am I asking about EP at a time like this?”

“I just got you so many dates.”

“My sister-in-law thought I was talking about killing myself because I wrote in that song, ‘put a little tiny hole in her own head’. That little tiny hole was actually referring to an eyebrow piercing that I got when I was a teenager…But it’s nice to know that people actually care when you want to kill yourself.”

“This song is about an asshole…”

These are just some of the quotes that I got from Rachael Yamagata.
Alright, you won’t believe how exhilarating it is to be in the presence of a singer like her. I attended her concert, which was part of the Mosaic Music Festival, at the Esplanade at 7:30pm.
She has got a great voice, you know, all husky, sexy. Her singing is so great, live. Her voice is sexy even when she talks. I’m not sure if she was suffering from a sore throat or something, though. And she plays the piano and guitar very well. She’s very easy to interact with, too. She joked in between her songs and her voice and tone just makes you happy. And the entire time, your eyes are glued onto her as she sings.
Then she had an autograph session. We bought 2 Happenstance CDs for her to sign her name. And she signed her name on my shirt too! And we took 2 photos with her. The ushers couldn’t wait to shoo us out of there. Mean pigs.
It feels alien talking to a star, but with a star like her, you feel like you’ve been friends with her for some time. She’s just very warm and friendly, not a bit aloof.
And she’s so pretty. She’s got German-Italian-Japanese blood, but she looks distinctly Western. She’s got nice eyes. And nice hair. A nice smile too.
I am going to buy her second album (EP isn’t counted)! I want to buy it! She sang 2 songs during the concert that would be in the new album. One of them is titled ‘What if I Leave’ (which was actually ‘What About Steve’ until she realised that you couldn’t really relate to the song if your name wasn’t Steve, so she decided to make it more universal. So she played around with words and found ‘leave’) and the other is…I don’t know. I think she didn’t say.
She just made my night Great with a capital ‘G’.


It’ll be a shame to make believe


Written by obliterated

March 17, 2007 at 4:41 pm

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