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Screw up.

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Ho, Band Camp was on Friday and I think we screwed it up. Especially at the food part. But we must learn to see it as a learning point and not repeat the same mistakes for the next camp. Noms at night- I totally screwed that one. Drills went fine, but my commanding was not firm, and my question answering was totally haywire. And Jessie and I wrote the total opposite for the written question. DIE DIE DIE. And I didn’t even play Merry Widow with expression, and Part 12 was supposed to be the easiest in the whole song ): And that American Graffiti sightreading, sigh it sucked really bad and I stopped a few times because I thought I played the wrong notes when I didn’t. Guess it just sounded weird |:

And I’m sure Joy played really well and Valery played really well too. Enid says she’s so proud of us, but I can’t help but keep thinking that I could have performed better, and SHOULD have performed better.

ARGH ):<

I left after Noms and my parents sent Louise home! It was very very nice for Louise to come back and support us during Noms, thank you Louise (:

The next day I was late for the first 13th HC SLC briefing >.< But we had a lot of FUN doing the games and walking about at Orchard for the Orchard Orientation even though it was tiring and our legs really felt like breaking after that. And our Yahoo groups is really updated! And everyone’s really cooperative; we already have a Facs shirt on the way (yay!) and I can’t wait for the next meeting tomorrow, even though it means I am going to miss band on Tuesday, which is tomorrow, because the meeting lasts from 2-6 |:

I can’t help but think if my priorities are all wrong. My recess meetings are clashing, CCA clashes with HC SLC… Squad talk or Mexco? CCA or HC SLC briefing?  

Are they right to be angry, with me. Am I wrong, to think this way?


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May 21, 2007 at 2:13 pm

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