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 The last week of Term 2 was a very tiring week. Well not to say that the entire term was fun and breezy, but yes, it was really more tiring than expected. Well my Mum had to go to KL to work in the last week. Not perfect timing. Because it meant that my sister and I had to take care more of my pesky little brother. This meant that I had more work to do, meaning I slept later, so I DIED!

For starters, I had two meetings every recess from Monday to Thursday. Which meant that I had no time to eat. Which meant that I either went back to class starving or I illegally ate in class (which really isn’t a good example) before the teacher came. And I had to be constantly on my guard because I say that ‘class stand’ command and it would be really obvious if I said it with food in my mouth >.<

Come Wednesday I had to take my brother for his piano lesson at Tampines Mall. And my brother just irritated me with his hyperactiveness and noise, well maybe I already was very worried that on Thursday I would have tests to study for (what irritates me the most is that we not only had lessons on the last week of school, we also had tests while that lower Sec pupils enjoy their enrichment week). To make matters worse my Dad was working late. GRAH. I died. I was tired so I didn’t study properly. I fell asleep within 5 minutes of lying on my bed.

Thursday: it was a special day. It marked not only the end of the term, but also the end of the journey for the Sec 4s in SNSB. We had a Chem test on Mole, and a Math test on Coordinate Geometry. I screwed both up, especially Math. I AM GOING TO GET TUITION FOR MATH. I NEED IT REALLY BADLY ):
After school we went for that presentation on Energy, where I wasn’t listening (I wouldn’t have understood anything even if I did, what bioethanol etc.) because I was rushing to finish writing letters for both Enid and Simin. After that, Joy and I rushed to the toilet to change and there I squatted down next to the bench to complete my letters and seal the envelopes! After that, we ran to the Band Room again to get our ribbons, change our shoes, get our blazers…it was a MAD RUSH. Then we hurried to the Netball courts, where our PassingOutParade would be held. After being fell in by Pamela for the last time, we waited for Ms Sia to come before the ceremony started.
Congrats to everyone who got posts!
After the formalities, everyone started walking (okay, running) around to draw on each other’s faces with Clean Colours (only the Sec 4s drew, haha), hug, cam-whore, cry, talk. I got ASL! and a big smiley across my forehead, a tic-tac-toe and a star and a heart and a SC across on my cheeks. After that, Jess Ling and I commanded the Sec One squad for the first time-to fall them out.
Then we Sec 3s and Sec 2s played Shrek for the Sec 4s, then evolved the song into Greased Lightnin’, it was an interesting mix but we screwed it up a little. The Sec 4s played the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack for us. It was lovely.
After that, we packed up our instrus and headed to the canteen-time for presents and cake! We met Huiqing. Everyone went around receiving and giving notes and small tokens and presents for around an hour, before we were shooed out of school.
We took Enid and Simin to Crystal Jade at Suntec City to eat. They were shocked-‘We say we want to eat Crystal Jade for fun…you all really brought us here?!’-before we took an unintentionally long walk from Suntec to Esplanade to Cavenagh Bridge. We were meaning to take a cab actually. We were going to give Enid and Simin a second surprise; we were going to stay at Fullerton! So instead of cabbing there, we walked. In front of the doors, we went, ‘Hey, let’s have a look around since we’re here’ and we pushed open the doors bursting with excitement and in awe of the magnificence of the place. We met Valery’s parents and younger sister and Enid and Simin were really really really shocked; they couldn’t believe it.
We entered the room, dumped our bags. We made them look at the scrap books we made for them. We had snacks and sweets, took baths, talked and basically had a lot of fun.

Friday: Around 2-something in the morning we went walking about in search of batteries for Huiqing’s and Enid’s cameras and only returned close to 4. We slept at 4. When we woke up, Huiqing already left and we tidied up, packed up before we left, me for my lunch with Eunice then to ushering duty for MTP, them to go and watch POTC 3! GAH.
But while duty was really tiring and I almost missed the bus stop at Parkway Parade, we met up again and had dinner at Swensen’s, before rushing to VJC for the Band concert. Damn, they’re GOOD (: It was a great concert, but I was really tired and I kept falling asleep during the Third Symphony >.


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May 28, 2007 at 7:18 am

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  1. thanks for everything (: yes i am utterly shocked when you brought us to crystal jade and fullerton. oh god. and its all over! i love pirates III (: yay i love POP 2007 ! : D


    May 28, 2007 at 4:19 pm

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