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Something tells me I haven’t been blogging for really long. At least since the holiday started. Uh, yeah, what’s left of the holiday with the lessons and Band and CIP and whatever other commitments, commitments, commitments.

I’m sorry if none of you get what I’m about to talk about because none of you were there. But I need to write it down.

The first week of my ‘holiday’ was spent at HCI. I was facilitating for the Student Leaders Convention. The whole convention lasted a mere four days- Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. But the friendships I forged, along with the 53 other facils, the OT members, my group Calliope (meaning of which is ‘the muse of epic poetry’) don’t last only four days. I miss the SLC because of the wonderful people I’ve met. The people you meet either make, or break your day and these people I met more than just made mine. They made me feel welcome, they made me feel happy, and best of all they made me feel loved.

I would give anything to be back,
sitting in the Space being briefed on what to do,
standing at the stair ushering the participants up into the auditorium,
meeting Calliope for the first time,
playing icebreakers,
going on the Orchard Orientation,
having team brainstorming sessions,
sitting through consortium meetings and the main committee assembly,
clapping and cheering and enjoying myself during the grand finale,
having briefings in the Command Centre,
getting to know the facils in the same consortium as I (Preservation of Heritage) and all other facils, 
practising our performance dance steps until 8pm at the clock tower until the security guard uncle had to chase us out of school,
standing and cheering in the auditorium at the grand finale.

It was a great 4 days I had, and it was with tears that I watched the montage put together by one of the OT members. I remember being hugged and hearing words of comfort. I remember breaking down all over again during the final debrief for my group, crying so I could hardly talk and my voice coming out funny. I remember cam-whoring. I remember being so proud of my group, so so proud. I remember Teeeeeeeeeeessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! and all the funny things my group did, how we laughed and made jokes, how we so comfortable in each other’s presence despite getting to know each other for less than a week. There wasn’t any awkwardness, no weird pauses or silences.

It was as if we had been friends for very long.

The facilitators were all very friendly and welcoming. We got to know each other, cheered each other on, talked, laughed, taught each other dance steps, at the end, cried and comforted each other. I’ve been very fortunate to get to know such wonderful people.

What we did and what we had to sacrifice was all fully, completely, absolutely worth it- never mind that the first week of our holidats was taken up, or that we had to wake up early for briefings at the school at 7:15pm, or that we had no time to do homework or anything else, or that we were dead tired every night we reached home.

It’s funny how we don’t treasure what we have until it’s gone, and this is a good example of that. Because after SLC, a lot of us started writing emails in our Yahoo e-group about how much we had enjoyed each other’s company. We wrote of our feelings and we wrote of the happiness that we had gotten to know each other and of the sadness that we had to part and store this teensy part of our lives which we devoted to the 13th SLC into our memories and of the gratitude we had for each other.

But for letting me know what it felt like to be part of this SLC, thank you.

love, Tessa



Written by obliterated

June 6, 2007 at 10:12 am

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  1. i see you enjoyed slc 🙂 i guess there are always things we care about and really enjoy. i love you tessa !


    June 6, 2007 at 11:32 am

  2. TESSA! its not your fault i got scolded its mine. dont have to apologise haha.


    June 6, 2007 at 1:14 pm

  3. Haha yup sure. Good to know it helps 😀


    June 6, 2007 at 3:28 pm

  4. RUMBA TOCCATA! You play it DUPER fast.. 😛
    HAHA& the stupid cockroach.


    June 7, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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