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Ohhhhhhhhhhh I so detest being sick. Today, I slept for awhile in the afternoon…and was woken up by my throat itching like mad and me coughing like crazy.

And Dad says I’ll have to sleep in the other room tonight, not with my brother and sister.
“Very bad flu,” he says.

Oh my stupid nose. Un-block yourself, please. I can just picture my nose going all blocked later when I’m going to sleep so I can’t breathe properly and I’ll to breathe through my mouth, which is so uncomfortable. And I remember the last time I was sick. I was falling asleep when I COUGHED and woke myself up.

And bloody braces. Bloody top left hook, STOP CUTTING MY GUMS. And stupid wire! I was eating a chicken wing yesterday evening during the party, and because one of my front teeth is being pulled back so I can’t bite there, so I was biting using my  left side and the wire came out -.-

And I hereby declare my love for the birthday collage that Ethel, Jamie, Shanna and ShuJie did for me.


It’s so pretty! The ugly pixelated photograph does it no justice.

Ooh it’s raining. Thank you for the rain.


Written by obliterated

August 12, 2007 at 2:46 pm

Posted in life, thoughts

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  1. kappooooottttt!!!! the party was SUPERB!!!! omg your mum is OMGOSH super kick-ass cute!!!! as i like to say :”like mothe like daughter.” (((: and your dad was a little intimidating but also funny!! the chickenwings tancheng cooked.tskk.he must be freaking out cuase of the WEIRDEST friends dear tessa is making.ahh!!!! hahhahas.anw.you and your sis are so alike too!!!but ur brother was alittle diasppointing=/ to think tnacheng make him sound so super extra whipped-cream-and-cherry-on-tessa CUTE!!! but bahhh.disappointment.BUT.your mum made up for it (((: and so did PREEEETTY tessa(((: oh you preetty girl.tsk.take my hat off you (((:


    August 13, 2007 at 12:02 pm

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