Let’s paint the town red

And it’s been days.

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My birthday’s come and gone. Time passes too fast. I’m now trying to take life day by day, but it is seemingly impossible to do so. It would have been easier if I could withdraw myself from all the hustle-bustle, but I’ve realised that all these has only just started.
It seems like I’ve been stuck for too long, however.
Thank you, anyway, for the lovely birthday. I couldn’t have had a better celebration in any way. Thank you DadMumStaceyStedman, 3Wisdom, my lovely Sec One squad, Bandits, Serene my mexco senior, my primary school friends etc. It was lovely, though I haven’t gotten down to eating the cake yet.


Today I went for Chem tuition in the morning. I think my tutor is good, even though his forte is meant to be plant biology. We came upon the controversy of science. Science is anything and everything to do with humans.
For example, supposing some scientist discovered a new drug that could cure cancer or something. He would definitely not test it out on a human, yet could test in on a lab animal such as a rat. It seems cruel, but then again, would you be willing to sacrifice yourself to be tested? Of course not.
We were talking, also, about the selfishness of humans. No land for humans to live? No problem, just tear down the rainforests. It doesn’t matter that these animals will perish, as long as the humans have a place to live.
Are we really discovering more and more things for the better of the world, for the benefit of the world, or only just humans? Science is really just one of the areas of human adventuring. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to whether it’s good, or bad, that where the world we are standing in today is better, or worse, than the world that died long ago.


You know, it really isn’t good to have people saying that you don’t understand because they think that you are popular. It is not true. It does not mean that because one has many friends then the person will not know the meaning of loneliness. It hurts to have someone saying that. I don’t know if perhaps you’re just falling into the emo trap, or that you really do mean that. You probably don’t know how painful it is when I see those words, but yeah just to let you know.


Okay time to buck up, and back to work…


Written by obliterated

August 19, 2007 at 7:38 am

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  1. happy birthday to u once again!haha.though i was there on fri,still feel lyk wishing u a happy birthday,again,hah!anw,i think only abt a bit more than half of our squad present at tt time,cuz the others gotta rush home or wad,so no choice.btw how did u noe our squad’s user id n pw stuff?-veh surprised-n thx alot for honouring us by posting there!~smilez always~^^


    August 19, 2007 at 8:40 am

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