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I’m rather lost this week. Approximately 5 tests plus mock SPA…is really quite bad. I did well for History-19/25 with 12/13 for SEQ-feel quite happy about it, considering the fact that I didn’t study much for it- I just got the brief points in my head and used my own words to elaborate. But apart from that special test that perked me up a little today, oh well nothing’s going so great today…and possibly won’t until the end of the week or until CL Prelims are over or until the Sept holidays or until EOYs are over or until Christmas is over…I don’t know.

I’m feeling the impending stress of the O Levels, even though they’re supposed to only be next year. Mock SPA is tomorrow, Chinese Prelims are next Tuesday, the first assessment for SPA is in T4W1. The Sec 4s’ prelims start next Thursday and I don’t really know when the ‘O’s start but I hope everything for them will go well…Eunice says her seniors ‘have been shrinking’ because they’re growing thinner and thinner since the start of the year and my seniors haven’t been growing thinner, but the stress is evident and I can’t help but feel worried for them.

And it’s less than 40 days to the EOYs and I haven’t started any studying, oh Logs and Surds and Linear Law and History SBQ and SEQ and Mole Concept and Excretion etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and argh I’m feeling horrible and miserable and I just wish that I could be more appreciative of the life that I have now instead of feeling so…depressed for no reason I can actually pinpoint.

Oh what’s the matter.


Written by obliterated

August 20, 2007 at 3:00 pm

Posted in feelings, thoughts

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