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Ok, shit

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English (I), Social Studies and Chinese (I)- 3 PAPERS DONE. (shall try not to think of the fact that all of them are only half-papers)

And something went wrong. I don’t know what. I just screwed my English- what’s wrong? I enjoy writing compositions. Then it turned out that I just plain screwed that ‘What, in your opinion, is a happy life’ and that bloody report writing. Who cares about writing a report on hosting someone for the exchange program? Bloody weird composition topics=zero inspiration=no mood to write essays=scoring badly. Now I feel horrified and worried about what I’ve written in my compositions and I can only cross my fingers that for once, my gut feeling will prove to be wrong and I’ll do well for English (I). Damn it.

(and I had painful muscle aches from Morning Jog the day before. Goes to show how fit I am. Made me damn uncomfortable too)

Social Studies- Handwriting- messy to messier. I didn’t know how to answer SBQ 1(c) so I crapped it through…7 marks? How? Timed myself 45 minutes for the 4 SBQs and the rest of the time for SEQs. Left one concludng para unwritten, which kind of sucks. But a pat on the back for being able to remember most of the factors of how ethnic diversity is managed. And the factors about the Tamil-Sinhalese conflict. Thank you Jamie for the MSN Mugging πŸ˜€ Hope I do okay.

Chinese- Fine. No comments about that. I just hope I do well.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY πŸ˜€ Mum gave him a LV card holder and the first thing he said when he opened it was,



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September 28, 2007 at 4:16 pm

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  1. HELLO TESSAAAA~ πŸ˜€ dont look so sian everyday! it’s exams, w SHORTER SCHOOL DAYS = MORE TIME TO PLAYY~! HAHAHA. ohman. we shldnt be playing right. hmm. – -. πŸ˜€ have funn mugging!!


    October 2, 2007 at 3:22 am

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