Let’s paint the town red

Friday the 14th

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Prize presentation ceremony in the morning today, which was followed by the 2nd Student Council Investiture. Let me just say that I am proud of our successors- Alison and the entire Exco. Organisation of the investiture was good and everything ran smoothly. (Our dances were better, though :D) I also understand now, however, how the Red-Badge Exco felt when they weren’t informed about the merging of the PMB into a Student Council, just like us now, who were unaware that the lower secondary monitorial board will be merged with the Council.

But it doesn’t really concern us anymore, right? Our last only concern is Graduation Night..

* * *

Eunice and I then had a pleasant lunch for 2 hours at J8, the better part of which we spent recounting the different episodes of Mr Bean that we’ve watched. It was nice, very lighthearted and enjoyable. We laughed at each other spewing crumbs of apple crumble all over the table and made silly faces and imitations. As we were walking to the MRT, an Old Auntie beckoned me over to help her stand up. She was sitting on a stool.

“I’ve got high blood pressure, I can’t stand up by myself, could you give me a hand?” she asked in Mandarin.

I must’ve looked a little wary because the next thing she said was, “Don’t be scared, I only need you to help me a little here.”

So I reached over and took her hand.

At that moment, Lydia came over. She bought $2 worth of tissue paper from the auntie. Eunice bought $1. I didn’t only because I didn’t have small change.

The three of us spoke to the auntie for a minute or two. She told us that she was living alone, and that apart from high blood pressure, she had cancer, heart disease and poor eyesight. The auntie was also rather overweight. We asked her if she went to the doctor.

And the safety pin that she must have used in place of a button on her shirt had come undone, which Lydia pointed out. She pinned it back.

Auntie then put her stool on top of the trolley of tissues she was pushing, and made off in the opposite direction. We told her to take care.

Lydia also bought more tissue from another lady standing close by, who was blind.

It really touched me, it really did.

But it pains me even more because I am helpless when it comes to helping people like Old Auntie.

What love?


Written by obliterated

November 14, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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  1. karonnnn

    November 14, 2008 at 4:29 pm

  2. DUH OUR DANCES WERE BETTER! <: hahaha. but i’m really proud of our SEC 3s TOO! 😀


    November 15, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    (okay, that sounds weird, i meant you blog skin). LOL.

    DONT SHOUT INTO THE PHONE AGAIN OKAY. *stares* my ear hurts.

    P.S i am gg for rehearsal on monday! (finally)


    November 21, 2008 at 1:20 am

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