Let’s paint the town red

I wish…

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…I knew what’s happened.

Conversation is stilted and awkward. Neither of us is forthcoming enough to ask what has gone wrong. Reading through the messages and emails we exchanged makes me even more upset.

I keep your presents and letters in your box in the cupboard next to my study table.

What happened to our light-hearted banter, all the musings, the good things we enjoyed?

Will you tell me if I did something wrong? Is there a misunderstanding? Did I do anything to offend you? Or is all just due to a lack of communication? I hate to think that I’m being paranoid.

Please can we make amends? I don’t want to lose a friend especially one like you when it’s so close to leaving. You know the date, you do.

Please will you tell me why?


Written by obliterated

December 16, 2008 at 4:39 am

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