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Guess what my eight-year-old brother was singing just now, albeit a little tunelessly?

“…Womanizer, womanizer…”



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December 6, 2008 at 10:45 am

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Term 3 starts tomorrow. 

Coming up:
#1 F&N practical exam…tomorrow!
#2 F&N Coursework A to touch up, Coursework B to begin
#3 Math- Vectors test in Week 1
#4 A Math- Integration test in Week 1
#5 Math and A Math tests every week after that
#6 Biology and Chem tests every alternate week, from Week 2 onwards
#7 Test after test after test until the word ‘test’ seems as normal as ‘homework’

Rough Plan:
#1 Read the dictionary- 5 words to learn everyday (I figure if I can’t do that well in Chinese, I must do well for English and use that for my L1. Hence the need for improvement.)
#2 Read Stacey’s Cricket magazine and do the English practices her school gives (her school actually gives them practices for English. And I feel I might actually learn from them. Our school? Gives handout after handout. Effective?)
#3 Read National Geographic
#4 Do comprehension practices for English
# Be more focused, disciplined, hardworking- Attitude is everything.
#5 Take Math & A Math textbooks/workbooks/TYS/worksheets/handouts and practise, practise, practise.
#6 Do TYS for Biology, Chemistry- seek to understand topics, not memorise.
#7 Read History and Social Studies and memorise
#8 Read A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Whale Rider. Get quotes, important themes and the like.
#9 Read Chinese Du Zhe, to learn new words and understand more issues
etc etc etc.

To Avoid:
#1 Storybooks
#2 Going online more than once a week unless necessary (definition of necessary: homework assignments/revision)

Must Always:
#1 Keep going
#2 Be positive
#3 Be happy
#4 Give support and love to all the people I…love?
#5 Be strong.
“The best things in life aren’t things.” -Raven

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June 22, 2008 at 5:26 am

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I know you’ve got an extremely loud and powerful voice but can you please not use it all the time in the house? It’s so extremely annoying and irritating and I can’t tell you how much I would like to use my voice on you on a freaking daily basis too.

See how you like it.

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January 27, 2008 at 3:06 pm

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&Happy National Day, folks.

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I’ve enjoyed myself yesterday.
It was a relatively fun National Day celebration we had today in school. However, as usual, the band music couldn’t be heard during the march past (so cool haha) sans the percussion, and the class was quite dead during the community singing (which I liked! Was fun).
After school, which ended at 10:15am, Trina, Chua, Eunice and I went to Subway at AMK Hub for lunch. (Maybe I’m weird but it was the first time I ate at Subway. Haha oops.) We met Delaney, Tan Cheng and Claire who were finishing their meals. All of us had the Cold Cut Trio. And I, having just tightened my braces two days before, had a difficult time eating. Passed all the jalapeno peppers to Chua; she loved them. The rest of us couldn’t take the spiciness- even eating the other vegetables that had been placed with the peppers was, ohh grab the drink and suck the straw! Halfway through the meal, Chua received a call from Claire: she’d lost her wallet! We kind of panicked…and Claire, Delaney and Tan Cheng came back to Subway, trying to retrace their steps. Guess where they found her wallet in the end? IN THE RUBBISH BIN where they cleared all the subway trays! 0.0

After our long meal (they had to wait for me oops), we bought a few hair clips. Chua wanted to check out this tuition centre so we went, then we headed to AMK MRT and stood in front of the board where they displayed the different stations, trying to decide where to go. Trina didn’t want to go anywhere with shops (“Anyway it’s the same thing everywhere, so go for what? So boring!”) and I didn’t, either. We didn’t want to go watch movie. We decided to go to the Singapore River, for a change. But then we decided the weather was too hot, so we changed our minds again.

In the end, we took bus 76. Trina and I alighted first. And Trina my kind friend said, “Now we are going to play the ‘Find The House’ game. I do this to all my friends who come to my house. My house is at _____.” So I walked, looking at the house numbers. Then we came to _____! And Trina said, “If you think it is, go in.” And I was very very reluctant, because her maid and sister were at the house entrance and can you imagine how MALU I would be if it was the wrong house?!
“If you think it’s the house, go in! you must be confident in everything you do.” Trina said.
“Not in going into strangers’ houses!” I yelped.
Okay so we stood outside for say, maybe 10-15 minutes? And I was almost begging her to tell me if it was her house. Then finally her maid went, “TRINA COME INSIDE THE HOUSE! OUTSIDE SO HOT!”
So we went into the house, and she made me find her room which is so cramped my goodness and overlooks the road. We looked at her pets (I love the lovebirds! AND PEANUT THE RABBIT!) changed and visited the class blog and I cut some apples while she went to wash the basket for Peanut. After several calls from Chua, we finally got everything settled with Trina scuttling around like some deranged, panicky person and cycled over to Chua’s house. Released Peanut from the bicycle and let her loose in her garden. We sat in the swing for awhile eating the apples I had cut and talking crap.

Then we took the bus, and walked a short distance to SPCA. We reached at 4:06pm…and they closed at 4. And they refused to open the door for us to have a look around! ): We were sorely disappointed and annoyed because it really was hot and we wanted to look at the animals.

So we went back to Chua’s house, then cycled back to Trina’s house to sit around have some iced Milo. From there, Eunice and I took our separate buses home (Trina walked me to the bus stop, and we ran after the bus, only to realise that I’d left my wallet in her house. Trina the Iron Woman ran back to get it for me, thank you) and Chua cycled back.

So yeah, that’s basically what we did yesterday.

What I did today:

Wake up at 12
Go for lunch, follow parents to the temple
Get home at 4 something
Sleep till 8 something
Go for dinner
Come back almost 10
Come online

It’s a pig-like day. Haha oops!

We are one Singapore, one nation strong and free.

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August 9, 2007 at 4:22 pm

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It’s a mad week, and we’re gonna be crazy busy with 5 tests + UNSW/some international Math competition. Whatever it is, we’re gonna do our best, and we’re going to get through it. I am determined to pass both Math this term. I MUST.

And I will do my F&N and learn my Chinese Spelling and study Congruency and Similarity and Chem. And practice my piano.

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July 23, 2007 at 3:50 pm

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& all you have to do is exercise

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Yesterday was an…interesting day.

We played softball during PE, first lesson in the morning therefore we get 15 minutes more than any other class. It was okay, but nothing compared to frisbee, where we just scream and shout and throw the frisbee in any direction in a panic without caring if it gets where we want it to be and having laughing fits so much, so that we end up exercising from the laughing instead of the game >.<

Next we had Math. Mrs Seah, our dear old Math teacher aka the inventer of talking graphs and the lady who gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘eccentric’, was being her usual self, except that she was a bit annoyed with us for being hyper and everything, because it was just after PE. But who can you blame! Who is sleepy after PE?! No one! We finished the Distance-Time graph in Kinematics with none of us really getting anything. The bell rang and it was time for Bio! I hereby proclaim my love for biology (: Ms Praveena’s a good teacher who gives us just the right amount of jokes and anecdotes and gets her lessons done at the same time. I like both the subject and the teacher, you can say. We finished the remaining functions for liver in that short half-hour lesson, and it was time for recess. Mexco and Pexco had a meeting for 45 minutes (well we were crapping and laughing for most of it) and the remaining 15 minutes I did Friday duty with Rebekah (:

Next we had HCL lessons. Limfangteng didn’t come, so I spent the lesson sitting on the floor in between Eunice’s and Ethel’s table with Chua, completing our Chinese worksheets and playing with the red Bio files and the huge water gun and talking crap. We were enjoying ourselves a great deal and no one wanted the next lesson to come- Lit. I want Mr Nunn to come back asap! We spent the hour of Lit going through uh, 3 pages of Act 3 Scene 1 of AMNSD. My eyelids were drooping and I was really sleepy. The final lesson of the day was Chem. It was only when she said “I want to go through your Redox Reactions worksheet, please take it out” did it occur to me that I had forgotten to do it. Shit! And she was in a bad mood too. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Sure, our class may be a little troublesome, but please, give us a chance. You can’t hate us for the rest of the year? Are you still going to be there next year? Maybe you’re too inexperienced.

Then I went running with Ethel- 1.2km down on the school track. We’d wanted to do 5 rounds, but the sun was horrendous and it wasn’t pleasant. So 3 rounds we did. And talked mostly about Guides (her CCA) and Band (mine) and our juniors. Then I had lunch with Esther and then I got Calista, Cheryl, Melody and Esther to help me with Friday ST newspapers/Friday Weeklys/NO DRUGS bookmarks because no one had mentioned that newspapers had to be collected and so many people did not collect them. So we carried the huge stacks of papers down to the classes. Can you imagine? One stack of the Straits Times has approximately 40 newspapers. Mutiply that for about 15 classes. It was crazy. I perspired from carrying all these damn heavy loads when I didn’t perspire for the run? WEIRD O.O

Then it was Band. We did drills for the Sec Ones, tried to fine-tune their sedia and senang diri, taught them turning: kekenan and kekeri. Or however you spell it. Then we had sectionals for awhile, before the ‘highlight’ of the band practice- pumping session on tha Track. I pumped and hanta-ed for offense they named. Because I hold posts, I had to pump double for every offense. So 63+40+40+40 pumps is 183 pumps. And for 2 offenses we hanta-ed, and because I hold posts I had to hanta for 3 minutes each. Therefore 3+3 is 6 minutes of hanta. Not very nice indeed.
The four heads proceeded to reprimand the band. Jessling and I, as SCs of the Sec 1 squad, kind of shouted at the Sec 1 squad as well. It wasn’t very nice either. I heard that many people left very emo |:
Joy, Lijia, Calista and I had drinks in the canteen, then Lijia left. Joy and I laughed at Calista when she fell (okay it was really mean, but you should have seen her exaggerated faces and expressions- hilarious) then I walked Joy out onto the main road for a cab. Poor Calista had sprained her ankle. We sat in the canteen with Enid, Yanzhu and Jingwen for awhile, before Calista’s parents came.
My 3 seniors are so cute >.Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Enid’s singing of Man Eater and Jingwen’s green stuff. Everything of hers seems to be green.
Then just when Enid’s contact lens went out of place my Mum called and I had to leave. So I went for dinner and went home and slacked.

Today I am aching all over- arms, legs, stomach, waist, butt…you name it, it aches.
Next week is gonna be…interesting. A few tests (F&N, History graded assignment, Math, Chem), MZ’s birthday, supporting swim finals, Chinese O Level oral, braces and photo taking. Shall blog again about them.
Wish me luck.

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July 7, 2007 at 8:17 am

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Hair for Hope 2007

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Today my Dad and my brother went to shave their heads for Hair for Hope 2007. It’s a project organised by the Children’s Cancer Foundation. So when you shave your head, you show your support for these kids with cancer.

And many people were there today at Velocity to shave their heads. And some of them were women! I am especially touched by them because they are so brave. Personally, I know I don’t have the courage to have my head shaved. Well I did comtemplate doing that last year when my father and brother shaved, but then I decided I was too scared, so I didn’t.

But as a message to these kids, be strong and keep going, all the way.

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July 1, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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